London Tourist Attractions

London Stansted Airport is in the London borough of Essex, approximately 65 kilometers from Central London. The area around the airport has several hotels and Bed & Breakfasts catering to travelers.

There are also several restaurants and pubs in the vicinity. Central London can be reached by train or bus from London Stansted Airport. You can check us out at

London: Private City Sightseeing Tour with the Sky Garden

In a personalized walking tour, you can learn about London's history, from its Roman past to the Middle Ages and the Tudor dynasty to the present day. Stop by the Garden at 120, the city's premier public rooftop garden. You can see the Tower of London with the most comprehensive package.

Start your walking tour of British World War I and II history near Tower Hill Memorial. Whether you're interested in London's Roman past, medieval architecture, or modern culture, your guide can take you there and back again.

Visit the most significant medieval structure in London, the Tower of London, with its historic London Wall, from the outside. Go on to the Victorian-era towers of Tower Bridge. Keep going inside the city, and you'll come upon some of its best-kept secrets, such as St. Dunstan in the East Church Garden and All Hallows beside the Tower.

Next, see the fantastic Sky Garden and London's Great Fire memorial. At last, you'll be taken to the Garden at 120 to take in the city's most famous sights. You're welcome to linger if you like.

If you opt for the longer (4-hour) trip, you'll also receive skip-the-line tickets to the Tower of London. Visit the castle and palace where the Tudor dynasty once lived and learn about the lives of Henry VIII and other medieval British kings.

Investigate the contents of the White Tower, the Chapel of St. John the Evangelist, the Royal Armory, the Green Tower, and the Wakefield Tower.

London: Tower of London and Crown Jewels Exhibition Ticket

Visit the iconic Tower of London, which has been around since the 11th century and is steeped in British history. It was in 1086 that William the Conqueror constructed this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Learn about London's castle, which serves as a fortress, a royal residence, and a notorious prison. Look around for the local ravens, and you can learn why they're considered to be the Tower's protectors.

The Tower Green is where numerous people were executed, including two of Henry VIII's wives. The interior of the Tower is open to you as well.

Get ready to be wowed by the United Kingdom's priceless Crown Jewels. The British crown jewels are the most impressive collection that is still in use.

Examine the 2,868 diamonds, 273 pearls, 17 sapphires, 11 emeralds, and 5 rubies that make up the Imperial State Crown, just one of the 23,578 gems on display.

London: St Paul's Cathedral Entry Ticket

Take a tour of St. Paul's Cathedral, a true architectural marvel and the focal point of English national ceremonies. St. Paul's Cathedral is now both a thriving place of worship and a popular London tourist destination. The tourist now has access to touch-screen multimedia guides as well.

Watch as the expert guide analyzes this historic site through film, fresh photographs, and insightful conversation.

Guided tours of the cathedral's nave and crypt are available four times daily for anyone interested in a more in-depth experience. Participate in a free 60-minute guided tour of the cathedral to get insight into its artistic and historical significance and theological significance.

You might also attend one of the day's many brief introductory speeches to pick up a tidbit of further info. It's first come, first served for these seminars and tours. The venue will have a registration desk, so please stop by.

Natural light floods the church, and sparkling mosaics and murals embellish the dome's interior. Visit the chapels on the first level. If you have the stamina for it, make the ascent to the Whispering Gallery on the second to try out the remarkable acoustics.

You can reach the Stone Gallery after ascending an additional 119 steps and the Golden Gallery, at the very top of the structure, after climbing a further 152. Stop by the crypt to pay respects to some of Britain's most distinguished citizens, such as Lord Admiral Nelson and the Duke of Wellington.

London: The Shard Entry Ticket

On the 72nd story of The Shard, Western Europe's highest observation deck, you can see the buildings of London's streets recede into the distance. Enjoy up to 40 miles of visibility and 360-degree views of the city at your leisure with a flexible ticket.

On the 72nd floor, you can test your mettle by venturing out onto the open observation platform, or you can take in the sights without leaving the safety of the building. Enjoy the view of the champagne bar while learning about London's history through interactive displays and exhibits.

London's skyline has been transformed by The Shard, which will become an iconic global symbol for the city. The distinctive structure's glass faces are shaped to slant inward without meeting at the top, creating a natural ventilation system.

Peek up to the 1,016-foot-high building's soaring glass peaks (310 meters). Stop into the gift shop to pick up some last-minute souvenirs before you go.

London: Christmas Lights by Night Open-Top Bus Tour

Experience the best of London's holiday spirit while visiting the city's most famous landmarks. The most excellent place to take in the illuminated cityscape is from the top of an open double-decker bus.

See how London celebrates Christmas by seeing the city's illumination after dark. Starting at night at the London Eye, continue to Westminster Abbey and Big Ben landmarks. Visit Buckingham Palace and St. Paul's Cathedral to see some stunning decorations.

Visit Trafalgar Square and gaze up at the city's tallest Christmas tree. As you cross the enchanted Tower Bridge, learn about the Tower of London's rich history.

As you travel through London's narrow alleyways, let the dazzling interior design take your breath away.

London: Westminster and Changing of the Guard Tour

If you want to see some of London's most famous and magnificent landmarks up close and personal, consider signing up for the Royal Westminster and Changing of the Guard guided walking tour.

Our tour of Royal London's most famous landmarks will begin with Buckingham Palace, the monarch's most recognizable home.

Get a glimpse of the iconic King's Guards as they march down the street, then continue along the corridor of power that features Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, and 10 Downing Street.

To get the best views and photo ops away from the crowds, you'll be led by a local expert on London's political, royal, and cultural history who knows the best places to witness the Changing of the Guard ceremony.

Discover the Kings, Queens, rogues, and villains behind this great city while being delighted and intrigued by your tour guide's in-depth knowledge, unforgettable anecdotes, and unique take on London's history, all while seeing well-known structures and hypnotic parades.

This Westminster & Changing of the Guard Walking Tour is the finest way to see Royal Westminster in a day. It is accessible to visitors of all ages.

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Useful Information about London Stansted Airport

Passenger Traffic at London Stansted Airport Recovers by 3% in October 2023

London Stansted Airport experienced a remarkable comeback. In October 2023, passenger traffic at Stansted soared 3.28% above pre-pandemic levels.

London Stansted Airport Passenger Traffic Surges by 12% in Q3 2023

London Stansted Airport Passenger Traffic in Q3 2023 Rebounded by 11.86%, Surpassing Q3 2019 Figures by 1.34%

July 2023 Highlights 2% Increase in Passenger Activity at London Stansted Airport

London Stansted Airport has continued its impressive recovery from the impact of the pandemic, with July 2023 witnessing a notable surge in passenger numbers. According to available records, the airport experienced a 1.61% increase in passengers compared to the pre-pandemic year of July 2019...

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