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London Stansted Airport - All Information on London Stansted Airport (STN)

London Stansted Airport (STN) London Stansted Airport (STN)

London Stansted Airport

Bassingbourn Rd, Stansted CM24 1QW, United Kingdom
+44 844 335 1803
+44 844 335 1803 (Lost + Found)
01279 662066 (fax)
London Stansted Airport  - All Information on London Stansted Airport (STN)

London Stansted Airport (IATA: STN) is a major international airport situated 68 kilometers northeast of Central London in Stansted Mountfitchet, Essex, England. Over 160 global locations in Europe, Asia, and Africa may be reached from London Stansted. With over a hundred destinations served out of Stansted, low-cost airline Ryanair has the most presence of any airline.

Private ground handlers like Harrods Aviation, Titan Airways, and XJet terminals use Stansted's runway for VIP and VIP charter flights and state visits. Charter airlines used Stansted Airport after it was converted from RAF Stansted Mountfitchet in the late 1940s. It was taken up by the British Airports Authority in 1966. When the British Airports Authority was privatized in 2012, one of its first sales was to Manchester Airports Group for Stansted.

Transfer Services at London Stansted Airport

At London Stansted Airport, ground transportation options include Stansted Express trains, coaches, buses, and taxis. The Stansted Express, with trains leaving every 15 minutes, is the quickest way to get into central London.

There are also coaches, which take a little bit longer but are typically less expensive than the train. Privately operated buses are frequently the least costly choice. However, they might be slow. At the airport, there are many taxis available, but they might be rather pricey.

Rental Car Services at London Stansted Airport

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, renting a car is a breeze anytime you land at London Stansted Airport. Every ten minutes, free shuttle buses depart from the terminal for the Car Rental Village. The Coopers End Road location of the London Stansted Airport Car Rental Village is open daily.

You can choose the ideal car for your needs with the variety of firms available. Hertz has a wide selection of high-end vehicles if you seek a premium journey. Consider using Budget or Avis for something more affordable.

Alamo has a vast selection of vans and SUVs if you need a bigger car to fit your group or bags. London Stansted Airport almost certainly has a business that can offer whatever kind of rental automobile you're looking for.

Please browse our selection of rental cars to determine which is ideal for you.

Taxi Services at London Stansted Airport

The cooperation between London Stansted Airport and minicabit makes it simple and quick for all travelers to order taxis.

In partnership with a certified taxi operator, Minicabit, a real-time taxi quote comparison engine, provides rates to customers close to London Stansted Airport. Fill out the search box to compare airfares and book an online flight without taking any chances. See more information about taxis at London Stansted Airport.

Whether you need transport to the airport or a journey home, Minicabit enables you to compare taxi fares at London Stansted Airport quickly and conveniently and make an online reservation.

Visit to make a reservation online.

Train Services at London Stansted Airport

Taking the Stansted Express train from London Stansted Airport to the city is the shortest and most practical choice. One-way tickets can be reserved for as little as £9.45, and services run every 15 minutes.

The terminal building houses the train station for Stansted Airport, which is situated below the main concourse. The typical trip duration for this service is between 45 and 53 minutes, and it runs at regular intervals of 15 minutes. More information about train services near London Stansted Airport.

Bus Services at London Stansted Airport

From 38 pick-up locations, National Express, offers nonstop service to London Stansted Airport. One-way advance purchase fares start at £5, so purchase your ticket immediately. More information about buses to and from London Stansted Airport.

On either of the two bus or coach routes that go to and from London every day, you can reserve a seat. Many services stop, such as London Paddington, Waterloo, Victoria, Liverpool Street, or Kings Cross/St. Pancras, provide access to the London Underground or one of the numerous essential train stations in the city.

Hotel Shuttle Services at London Stansted Airport

Use the hotel shuttle service if you're staying at a hotel close to London Stansted Airport. It's an excellent choice for anyone leaving or arriving at the airport, making it easy to travel to your accommodation. Every 30 minutes, a shuttle service runs, and it is entirely free.

Confirm that your hotel has this feature by calling the front desk. For further information, see our hotel page as well.

Rideshare Services at London Stansted Airport

You can be dropped off at the terminal's departure level by regular travelers, rideshare services like Uber and Lyft, taxis, and other vehicles. Call your driver as soon as you arrive at the airport to let them know which airline and, if possible, which terminal you'll depart from.

Parking Services at London Stansted Airport

There are both surface lots and garages for parking at London Stansted Airport. Parking for up to two weeks is available at the terminal's short-stay lot.

Because the airport shuttle stops there, the Long Stay parking lot is a good choice for lengthy visits. To save you the stress of finding parking, Express Pick-Up will come and collect you from your car and drive you directly to your hotel.

Visit our parking page for more information about parking at Stansted Airport.

Other Services at London Stansted Airport

Stansted Airport features a single, straightforward passenger terminal, one block in size and one level. Arrivals, a few shops and cafés, a place to store luggage and wrap bags, ATMs, currency exchange kiosks, and restrooms are all located on The Landside, the northeastern corner. Check-in is in the center.

Disabled Passengers at London Stansted Airport

Planning, researching, and notifying are the most incredible ways to ensure a stress-free trip; doing so will put your mind at ease. When booking a flight or vacation with your airline or tour operator, request assistance and be as specific about the services you'll need at the airport.

Consider the duration of your flight and the comforts you'll require. Find out about the airline's amenities, seating options, and services.

Wi-Fi at London Stansted Airport

To use free Wi-Fi to access the internet, join the "Free WIFI" network. Both our lounges and the terminal at London Stansted Airport offer a complimentary service.

Baggage Claim at London Stansted Airport

At London Stansted Airport, baggage claims are located on the ground floor of the main terminal building. Many trolleys are provided to assist you with your luggage. There is a lot of sitting available where the carousels are placed. You can also go to the lost & found counter if you require assistance.

Information Desk at London Stansted Airport

The international arrivals section is where you can find the airport information desk. It helps with general airport questions, flight information, and paging calls and is available around the clock.

The information desk also serves as a tourist information hub, providing details on lodging options, connections to other transportation, and area attractions. The departures lounge has a desk with airline information after security.

Smoking at London Stansted Airport

There are several authorized smoking spots outside the landside parts of the terminal building if you desire to do so. E-cigarette use is not permitted in airports.

Lost and Found Section at London Stansted Airport

Always be eager to get further information about items left on an aircraft by contacting your airline. Excess Baggage offers the lost property service for all things discovered inside the passenger terminal at London Stansted Airport.

Restrooms at London Stansted Airport

There are numerous accessible restrooms throughout. Please be aware that to enter accessible toilets, you will need a National Key Scheme (NKS) RADAR key.

Additionally, Stansted features two Changing Places restrooms on the ground level in the Arrivals area and one in the Departure Lounge following Security.

Nursing Mothers Station at London Stansted Airport

You can use the Nursing Mothers Station if you're a nursing mother traveling through London Stansted Airport. The station offers a clean atmosphere for nursing women to express milk or breastfeed and has a sink, a changing area, and private cubicles. The Nursing Mothers Station is accessible every day of the week, around the clock. At the entry, present your boarding card to utilize the facility.

ATMs at London Stansted Airport

At London Stansted Airport, there are ATMs from several banks. The airport is home to numerous foreign exchange kiosks where you can purchase or sell foreign currency.

Currency Exchange at London Stansted Airport

If you need to convert money while at Stansted Airport, there are a few possibilities. The kiosk is open every day of the week, from 5:00 am to 8:00 pm. The Travelex office is open seven days a week from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm. The ATM is available every day of the year. All three methods provide affordable exchange rates and easy access to foreign money.

Food and Beverages at London Stansted Airport

The terminal has several fast-food eateries and more upscale dining options. There are several options at London Stansted Airport, whether you're searching for a quick snack or a sit-down meal.

There are options for popular fast-food chains like Burger King and McDonald's. Consider treating yourself to a meal at one of the sit-down establishments.

Additionally, there are numerous pubs and cafes where you can get a beverage.

Shopping at London Stansted Airport

The experience of shopping at London Stansted Airport is distinctive. There are shops to pick from, and the costs are relatively reasonable.

Additionally, the friendly and helpful personnel add to the overall positive experience.

Pet Relief at London Stansted Airport

The UK Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) offers the Pet Travel Scheme, which permits cats and dogs to travel between some nations and UK airports.

London Stansted Airport provides a list of a few businesses that can assist you if you wish to take your pet overseas for an extended time while you are away from home.

The phone number for AIA Pets is 0203 432 7828. The phone number for Airborne Pets is 0845 1801 851

Ticketing Services at London Stansted Airport

London Stansted Airport offers various ticketing services to make your trip as simple as possible. You may skip lines at the airport using our self-service kiosks and online check-in 36 hours before departure. At each airport customer care counter, their helpful employees will be happy to assist you if you need it.

History of London Stansted Airport

When it first opened in 1943, the airfield was known as RAF Stansted Mountfitchet. It was used by the Royal Air Force and the United States Army Air Forces as a bomber airfield and a significant repair station during World War II. While "Stansted Mountfitchet" was the official name, "Stansted" was the common moniker for the base.

In August of 1942, the station was designated as a heavy-bomber airfield for the United States Army Air Forces' Eighth Air Force. Stansted served as an active bomber base and a repair and supply depot for the Air Technical Services Command, responsible for extensive work on B-26s. These operations were relocated to France after D-Day. However, the base's primary purpose was to serve as a storage facility for the supplies needed for aircraft operating on the continent.

Stansted was taken over by the Air Ministry and used by No. 263 Maintenance Unit, RAF, as a storage facility after the United States military withdrew on August 12, 1945. In addition, German POWs were housed in Stansted from March 1946 to August 1947.

London Aero and Motor Services, a British cargo airline that had just been founded in November 1946 and used ex-RAF Handley Page Halifaxes, relocated to Stansted and operated out of there until July 1948, when it was disbanded.

In 1949, Stansted was officially transferred to the Ministry of Civil Aviation. Afterward, several charter airlines based out of the United Kingdom used the airport as their primary hub. In 1954, the US military returned to the base to expand the runway, preparing for a potential transfer to NATO.

The Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation, now known as the Civil Aviation Authority, sponsored the Fire Service Training School, which operated out of buildings on the eastern side of the airfield in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s.

About Greater London

The Greater London Authority manages the city of Greater London in England. The 32 London boroughs and the City of London comprise the city's 33 local government districts. One of England's areas, Greater London, is known as the London Region.

In 2022, the Mayor of London and the London Assembly will be headquartered in Newham as the Greater London Authority, which is responsible for strategic local administration across the area. The 32 municipalities comprising London comprise a ceremonial county known as Greater London. The City of London, which is its own ceremonial county, is left out.

On April 1, 1965, the Greater London Council (GLC) was founded as a sui generis council region and ceremonial county under the London Government Act 1963, making Greater London a unique administrative unit. In 1986, the GLC was disbanded. The "London" government office region was set up in the area in 1994. As of the year 2000, there existed a governing body for all of London.

In 2022, the region's population was just over 9 million, covering 1,572 square kilometers. Some national statistics for London, such as population and employment, use areas outside this administrative territory, such as the London metropolitan area and the Greater London Urban Area. The London metro area does not have city status in the United Kingdom. However, Westminster and London's local governments are recognized as "cities."

Greater London is a ceremonial county. Hence the British monarch appoints both the Lord-Lieutenant and the High Sheriff. The area now known as Greater London was never one of England's original counties. Historic counties of Middlesex, Essex, Surrey, Kent, and Hertfordshire all have a piece of this region.

Greater London was also a regional constituency of the European Parliament, called "London," until the United Kingdom withdrew from the European Union in 2020 due to Brexit.

Weather in Greater London

London has short, pleasant, and partly overcast summers and long, chilly, windy, and often cloudy winters. There are only a handful of times a year when the temperature drops below 30 degrees or rises above 84 degrees.

Late June through early September is the ideal time to visit London for outdoor activities.

For the three months spanning June–September, average daily highs are above 69°F, making this the warm season. July has an average high of 73 degrees Fahrenheit and a low of 59 degrees Fahrenheit, making it the hottest month of the year.

During the chilly season, average daily highs are below 53 degrees Fahrenheit from November until March. February is London's coldest month, averaging 39 degrees Fahrenheit and 48 degrees Celsius.

During the eight months of the wetter season (May–February), the average daily likelihood of rain is around 26%. Dry weather persists for about four months, from February to May.

Useful Details in London

In the case of a police or medical emergency, you should call 999. The operator will ask which service you require and then put you through to the appropriate department.

Go to or phone 111. If you see or are involved in an accident or have a medical or mental health emergency, dial 999. When someone is critically ill or injured, their life is in danger.

Emergency Number in the UK: 999

Tips to consider for first-time travelers to London:

  • Do some research before you go - it will help you make the most of your trip.
  • London is a vast city, so plan your sightseeing in advance and give yourself plenty of time to explore everything on your list.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for directions - the locals are generally friendly and happy to help tourists.
  • Be sure to try some traditional British foods while there - fish and chips, roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, etc.
  • Take advantage of all the free attractions London offers - museums, parks, historical landmarks, etc.
  • And finally, have fun. London is a fantastic city with so much to see and do.


St. Thomas Hospital London

Address: Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 7EH

Phone: 020 7188 7188

Police Station

City of London Police

Address: 37 WOOD STREET, London, Greater London, England, EC2P 2NQ

Emergency call: 999

Hearing or speech impairment: 18000

Non-Emergency: 101

Phone: 020 7601 2455

London Stansted Airport Contacts

Address: Bassingbourn Rd, Stansted CM24 1QW, United Kingdom

General Phone: +44 844 335 1803

Lost and Found Phone: +44 844 335 1803

Information Desk Phone: +44 844 335 1803

Official Website:

Local Information

Drive on: Left

Electricity: 230V/50Hz

Plug: G

Currency: UK pound sterling, £, GBP

Wi-Fi at Airport: Free Wi-Fi is available at London Stansted Airport. Connect to the "Free WIFI" network.

Services at London Stansted Airport

Useful Information about London Stansted Airport

Passenger Traffic at London Stansted Airport Recovers by 3% in October 2023

London Stansted Airport experienced a remarkable comeback. In October 2023, passenger traffic at Stansted soared 3.28% above pre-pandemic levels.

London Stansted Airport Passenger Traffic Surges by 12% in Q3 2023

London Stansted Airport Passenger Traffic in Q3 2023 Rebounded by 11.86%, Surpassing Q3 2019 Figures by 1.34%

July 2023 Highlights 2% Increase in Passenger Activity at London Stansted Airport

London Stansted Airport has continued its impressive recovery from the impact of the pandemic, with July 2023 witnessing a notable surge in passenger numbers. According to available records, the airport experienced a 1.61% increase in passengers compared to the pre-pandemic year of July 2019...

Lounges at London Stansted Airport

See all the airport lounges, locations and opening times available at London Stansted Airport